Specializing in concrete, aluminum and turnkey packages for manufactured housing in Central Florida for over 40 years.


Carport Covers

Carport covers are an excellent way to protect your automobiles, RVs, boats, equipment, and more from Florida’s fierce sun, and unpredictable storms.

Our insulated roof panels snap together tightly to form a durable, structurally sound roof. This weather-proof barrier is designed to protect whatever’s underneath from the elements and is a functional and affordable alternative to a garage or garage addition.

Our carports are made from high-quality, structural aluminum and offer a maintenance-free solution for protecting your automobiles, RVs, boats, equipment, and more.

Comprehensive Home Renovations

Whether you need a full home renovation, a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, home addition, or any other remodeling service – we can help. Come to us with your magazine clippings and Pinterest boards, and we’ll help bring your vision to life and make your house feel more like home.

Our team of professionals will handle your comprehensive home renovation, as if it were their own, from beginning to end. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing quality products and materials, create an efficient project schedule, and always do our best to reduce interruptions to your day-to-day life throughout the life of the project. In the end, you’ll have a quality remodeled home you can be proud of.

Driveways & Sidewalks

Your home’s facade is every visitor, delivery person, and prospective home buyer’s first impression – is it a good one? Shull Construction specializes in building everything from driveways to sidewalks making getting to and from your garage easier while also improving your curb appeal.

  • We utilize 2500 – 3500 psi concrete – a high strength concrete perfect for high-traffic driveways and walkways that help prevent excessive cracking.
  • Once the concrete is poured, and at a specific time in the curing process, we perform a saw cut technique to help prevent expansion and shrinkage cracks
  • Finally, we complete the process with the decorative finish of your choice. This includes float, trowel, and broom finishes.


Constructing a garage on your property is a wise and beneficial addition to your home. Protect your vehicles from inclement weather and enjoy getting into a cooler car every time you leave the house. Garages aren’t just limited to housing cars, though – you can also utilize this additional space as a gym, studio, office, game room, etc.

When designing your garage, you can opt for a standard single or double garage doors or roll-up doors to meet your entrance and exiting needs. Roof styles include gable, hip, shingle, and metal. All garages use Tyvek HomeWrap by DuPont, helping to prevent outside water from entering the walls. We offer several exterior styles and finishes to match your home’s design seamlessly.

Glass Rooms

When you add a glass room to your home, it will quickly become the focal point. This sunny space is perfect for enjoying indoor/outdoor living, entertaining guests, and relaxing outdoors without being swarmed by pesky mosquitoes and insects.

At Shull Construction, we design our enclosures to accommodate ceiling fans, light fixtures, AC units, and extra electrical outlets so your new space has all the comforts you could dream of. We’ll also customize your glass room to complement your home’s exterior.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane protection comes in many different forms at many different price points. When you connect with the experts at Shull Construction, we’ll help navigate your options and decide on the right protection for your home.

Whether you opt for hurricane fabric, Bahama, or colonial impact shutters or impact glass windows, our team can help through every step of the process. Protecting your most valuable asset from Florida’s hurricanes and storms is a wise and necessary investment and our number one priority.

Patio Covers

Life in the Sunshine State is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and a covered patio is the best way to do this at home without melting under the scorching sun.

Our patio covers use insulated roof panels that snap together tightly, forming a durable, structurally sound roof. This weather-proof barrier will protect you and your family from the harsh Florida sun and unpredictable rainstorms so you can enjoy spending more time outside.

Raised Decks (Block or Wooden) and Docks

Optimize your home’s outdoor living space with the addition of a raised deck – the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee, relax with a good book and soak up the sun or fire up the grill for an outdoor BBQ.

When you choose Shull Construction, we’ll design a deck to suit your needs. We’ll work with you to map out the perfect patio footprint and choose a quality material to complement your home’s design, whether that be block or wood.

Remodeling / Refurbishing

When you purchase a new home, you inherit the previous owner’s style – terrazzo tile and all. If you want your house to feel more like home then it’s time to refurbish. Turn drab to fab with a Shull Construction home remodel. Our experienced professionals can help take your Pinterest boards and magazine clippings to life, so you can finally have the home of your dreams.

Whether you’re simply giving your kitchen a facelift or remodeling your entire home – our qualified team of professionals can help. We’ll work closely with you to understand precisely what you envision for your space then begin the task of making it a reality.


Roof-overs are a conventionally built, wood frame-and-sheathing “cap” designed to sit atop your mobile home’s existing roof. This simple structure is a wise and necessary investment for mobile and manufactured homeowners. It will help save money on your utility bills, protect against strong winds, heavy rain, and leaks, and help extend your home’s life. Best of all, they’re ultra-quiet, maintenance-free, and will enhance the appearance of your home.

Don’t wait to protect your valuable asset from Florida’s harsh and unpredictable weather.

Room Additions

Room additions are an excellent way to grow your home to suit your family’s needs, expand the square footage, and increase its value.

Our experienced craftsmen will help every step of the way – from permits, to design, to construction. We can also help rework your space, so your addition flows with the rest of your home. Whether you’re adding a second master bedroom, a multi-functional room, a stop-and-drop area, a home office, or another bathroom – our qualified team of professionals will work alongside you to create the home of your dreams.

Screen Rooms

Adding a screen room to your home is an excellent way to enjoy more time outdoors without having to deal with pesky mosquitos and insects. Here you can set up lounge seating and outdoor dining – perfect for hosting friends and family.

Our team of skilled craftsmen at Shull Construction will work with you to design a space to meet your requirements. We’ll discuss size and amenities like fans and lighting. We’ll also recommend adding a kick panel to easily keep dirt, grass cuttings, and other debris out of your screen room. We also offer a solid knee wall design with insulated LWP (Laminated Wall Panels) should you decide to transform your screen room to a glass room at a later time.


House skirting is used along the bottom of homes for many reasons – to improve the curbside appeal, protect from the elements, and keep animals from moving in.

When you choose Shull Construction, we’ll work with you to select a material, color, and finish to complement and elevate your home’s exterior. We can install vinyl or stucco skirting in your choice of colors, which will conceal mobile home wheels, foundation piers, and the earth beneath your home.

Utility Sheds

While utility sheds aren’t the most exciting home improvement investment – they are a must. Where else are you going to store your lawn equipment, gardening supplies, bicycles, sports equipment, all-terrain vehicles, and other unsightly items?

At Shull Construction, we specialize in constructing utility sheds designed to meet our homeowners’ specific needs. Together, we’ll develop the perfect storage solution for your equipment so you can stay organized more easily and access your things safely. All of our sheds are wrapped in Tyvek HomeWrap by DuPont and include windows and doors.


Stucco is a popular exterior home finish, especially in Florida, for its durability and weather-resistant capabilities. Not only is it a stunning finish and style, but it can last for 50 or more years with proper maintenance.

Our professionals are skilled at applying this challenging finish, made up of sand, cement, lime, and water, over both masonry and wood home exteriors. Choose from a variety of finishes and colors to either complement your existing surface, or change your home’s facade completely.

Vinyl Rooms

Adding a vinyl enclosure to your home is more than just a home improvement – it’s a lifestyle improvement. A vinyl room is the perfect social gathering space. Together we can design a space that will make you and your guests feel right at home.

From the ceiling fans to the light fixtures, we can customize your space to suit your needs and optimize your outdoor living experience. Exterior design is customizable as well, so your exterior space will perfectly complement your home.

Vinyl Siding

Are you ready to transform your home’s exterior? Vinyl siding is an excellent option as it’s designed to withstand harsh elements – from strong winds to heavy rain. Vinyl also tends to resist moisture – an essential trait for Florida homeowners as it won’t rot or attract dreaded termites. Best of all, vinyl siding offers all the beauty of wood with the practical benefits as well.

We’ll coordinate your home’s trim for windows, doors, and corners along with soffit, shutters, and gutters to optimize your home’s facade.

Windows & Window Replacements

In Florida, we rely heavily on air conditioning to keep our homes cool. But if your windows are more than ten years old, you could be losing 30% of that cooling energy through leaks – a detriment to both the environment and your wallet. We recommend windows manufactured with low-E coatings as they reduce energy loss by as much as 30%–50%. Replacing your old windows with energy-efficient and impact-resistant windows is a wise and worthy investment that will save you money in the long run.